The Recovery Now! Campaign advances proven strategies to improve the quality of mental health care, promoting recovery for all Americans affected by mental health conditions.

Recovery Now! Launches the “Our Stories, Our Lives” Project

Far too often, persons with mental health and substance use conditions are portrayed in negative and stigmatizing ways in the media, which breeds ignorance, prejudice and discrimination among the public. Yet every day, people are recovering their lives, living in their own homes, going back to school, finding meaningful work, supporting others, and participating in their communities. These are the stories that should be front page news, but they aren’t.

The Recovery Now! Campaign wants to help change that. We are pleased to launch the “Our Stories, Our Lives” project.

What's your story?

We invite you to share stories of your journey to managing your health and your life. Who are the people who influenced you in a positive way? What supports helped to get you onto a different path? How has your life changed today, and why?

We also want to know what didn’t work. What interfered with your process of healing? What kinds of supports could have helped but weren’t available or were too difficult to access? What would have made a difference?

With your permission, we will gather and share your stories and reflections with members of the press, policymakers, and the general public. We will promote them on social media and include them in blogs.

Click here to submit your story in writing or via video. You may use your real name or remain anonymous if you choose. If you require any additional accommodations, or have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line at

Thank you for taking the time to share your lives, your struggles, and your victories with Recovery Now! Your contribution will help to change the public conversation and drive the positive changes that are so desperately needed in America today.