Is it possible to extend the penis with penis extenders?

Indeed. I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but yes.

You cause microscopic tears within your penis when you repeatedly place a relatively large stretch on your penis. As the tears are filled with existing tissue cells, the tear expands.

You have more penis if you tear more tissue, because more tissue gets built up. You increase the size of your penis, increase the traction, and wear it longer each day.

The Cytokinesian process

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A penis extender is causing the body to grow new tissue in response to mechanical stress, and this is a natural process. Lifting weights, for example, causes similar muscle fiber tears. You bulk up as your penis reacts to the mechanical stress that a penis extender causes: your muscles multiply, rebuild cells. The same applies to muscle building: you can feel sore quickly, but not see results for months. A Jes-Extender marketing strategy involves the use of similarities to bulking to make men more comfortable with the idea of going for a penis lift.

A Guide to Using The Jes-Extender

This kit includes everything you need to get started. You fasten the rubber strap of the Jes-Extender behind your penis glans and the ring around the base of the penis. Wear your strap either on top of, or under, your foreskin if you’re not circumcised.

Essentially, two parallel bars extend four inches from the penis. To attach the device to the pubic bone, place the ring around the pubic bone. If your flaccid penis is slightly longer than the rings with extended rods, you should gently stretch it with the extender rods. After that, you can fasten the rods as needed. Using an extension rod that is longer will result in a greater stretch.

Place the rods into the slots on the plastic front piece and fasten the rubber strap around the head of your penis. Both parts will click together when you have finished. The stretching of your penis will be increased as you turn the hand screws inward. In order to increase your comfort, you can adjust the arms.

Inch/hour Gain Using JES Extender

A penis extender will produce significant results after approximately 1000+ hours of use over six months. The ideal time of use for guaranteed results is 8-10 hours per day, based on Jes-Extender’s studies.

With Jes-Extender’s Slow Start Up Schedule, cells can adapt to the gradual exercise and reduce the risk of over-stretching.

A 10% increase in erectile length occurs after five to six hours of exercise a day for a few months. The erect length can increase by 28% and the girth by 19% over 4-6 months. 

When you are six months into using Jes-Extender and traction force, you should wear it and use it for more hours per day. As long as you do not move a lot while you sleep, you can wear Jes-Extender overnight.

In addition to being uncomfortable, penis extenders have to be worn for a considerable amount of time during the day, four to six hours per day. This is a lot of time!

JES extender

According to experienced users, wearing these is mostly uncomfortable unless they’re standing up. Penis extenders also are difficult to move with the body, making activities such as bending difficult. Jes-Extender claims there is no upper bar to what results can be achieved, and that you can wear your Johnson until you’re wrapping it down your left trouser leg with repeated use. The evidence indicates that penis extenders can increase length and circumference, but not to the level of getting someone who is four inches tall and seven inches wide. Jes-Extender, nor companies with a reputation based on scientific evidence, do not perform clinical studies beyond six months. Some men find penis extenders do not increase erection length but only produce increases in flaccid penis size instead. 

You need to use it for at least 6-8 months to get noticeable results.

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